Top Hyper Casual Games Mechanics

While playing hyper casual games, you may have noticed that many games use the same game mechanics, with different gameplay and concepts. These game mechanics proved to be successful and fun. Also they help a lot to make short game loops, which is so important in hyper casual games.

If you have a game idea, but still looking for the appropriate mechanic, you can use this list of game mechanics for inspiration, to make the highly engaging hyper casual game you dream of.

Timed action mechanics

In timed action mechanics, the player have to take action at the perfect time, you have to tap on the screen at the right moment to win. This game mechanic is about precision and concentration, if you missed your try, you will need to wait for another shot.

timing hyper casual games mechanics
Timed action mechanics game Slap Kings

Merging mechanics

This game mechanics is about merging multiple objects, with the same color or number, depending on the game play rules. These games need a quick thinking and smart moves.

Merging mechanics
2048 Merging mechanics

Puzzle mechanics

Hyper casual games adapted the puzzle mechanics to be short and simple, but the basic logic stay the same. For example in Roller Splat, the player have to color the maze with minimum number of moves, the combination of coloring and solving the maze makes the puzzle mechanics more casual.

Puzzle mechanics
Roller Splat by Voodoo

Stacking mechanics

In stacking mechanics, objects are coming from the top or from the side, depending on the game gameplay, and the player can rotate and move these objects to find the perfect position at the perfect time, before that objects stack with others. This game mechanic combine between timing and stack mechanics to give the player more fan and challenging game experience.

Stacking mechanics
Stack by Ketchapp

Swerving mechanics

This game mechanic focus on moving right and left to avoid obstacles, the player can easily swap and drag his finger to move. The control is so easy and simple in this games, what make them so addictive.

Catch Up by Ketchapp a famous game with this mechanic, the ball swerve and you have to step on the red mark jump over walls, avoid obstacles in the road and collect gems.

Swerving mechanics
Catch UP by Ketchapp

Rising / Falling mechanics

The concept of this game mechanic is so simple, the player try to avoid obstacles while falling or rising, you have only to focus on the coming obstacles and stay in the safe path.

Helix by Voodoo one of the most popular and successful game that uses[[[ this mechanic

Rising/falling hyper casual games mechanics

When you’re designing your coming game project keep these game mechanics in mind, they would be so helpful. Many hyper casual games use one or combine between two of these game mechanics, because of their simplicity and the satisfying feeling they give to the player. You will have more chance to make an addictive game using these game mechanics.

Hope this article help you guys, and thanks for reading.


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