Top 8 Sites To Download Free 3D Game Art and Asset

Are you an indie developer working on game project with limited budget? and you need some free 3d game art and nice assets for your project? We did the work for you and we make a list of the top 8 sites to download free game art and assets, these sites offer you tones of free assets and game art that will save you time and money.

When using any free resources like in these sites, remember to respect the copyrights and check the license before downloading, have a fun reading and let’s start.

Unity Asset Store

Unity free asset store

Unity Asset store one of the most popular assets stores where you can find tones of 3D assets , 2D, textures and materials, UI, animations, audio, VFX, etc… even whole 3d game Kit ready to use. You can filter free models to have only free assets listed, if you’re working in unity you can easily download or import assets. Also you can use unity assets in other engines and softwares.

Unreal Engine Marketplace

Unreal Engine store

Unreal Engine Marketplace offers a high quality free models perfect to use on your professional prototypes and games, you have the option to select only free content. Using free products in your commercial or personnel project is totally legal as long as you are using Unreal Engine.


Kenny site free asset

In Kenny you will find awesome free low poly 2D and 3D game art that will be perfect for your mobile game projects, the site offers more than 30,000 images, audio files and 3d models all for free, you can use this free content in commercial projects without credits, if you like their content and find it useful there is a option to donate to support the site. site free art game

Here is another site to download free game art and asset, one of the best places to look for free game asset, they offer more than 900 free 3D game asset pack, there is tones of tags to add for more specific search (3D, 2D, Low poly, Pixel art,…).

GDM : Game Dev Market

GameDev Market is a market place created by indie game developers who know exactly what game developers will need for their projects. Just like, artist use this platform to sell their game art work, but also you can find free game art by selecting free option in the sidebar. Different types of game art are available: backgrounds, characters, vehicles, objects,..etc.

Turbo Squid

TurboSquid one of the oldest game art websites offering a large collection of 3D models with high quality content, you can select the formats you want Unity package, .blend, fbx, max,…etc and for characters you can filter for rigged and animated models.

Free 3D

Free 3D is a famous resource for free 3d game art, it includes all kinds of 3d objects architecture, vehicles, characters, furnitures, electronic, animals,…etc, with this large 3D content, you will certainly find what you are looking for.


CGTrader another site to find amazing free game art, it offers a large choice of 3D models, with more than 6000 3d free models, use the head bare to browse free elements and select the formats for more specific research.

Hope the sites in the list help you to find free game art and assets appropriate for your project, at the end always remember to check the license and site policy before download anything.


Passionate game developer with +10 years of experience. Fluent in Unity3D & Unreal Engine 5. Worked as main programmer on The Dark Occult game (UE4), developed +40 games (vertical slices) and created few tools and assets for both engines. Currently helping the #gamedev community by making tools and writing tutorials at GAMEDEVWORKS.

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