Make Games Without Coding Using These Engines

You wanna make games but you don’ know how to code? it’s not necessary to be a programmer to make games. Today you have a way to bring your game idea to life without writing a single line of code. Yes that’s true, there are many game engines with visual programming that will let you make games without any coding knowledge.

How these engines works

Using these engines you can make great games like any other game that is made using code, because visual scripting is another simplistic way of programming a game even without writing a single line of code, these codeless engines have all game elements already coded for you, you will just have to drag and drop already made elements to create you game mechanics and systems.

3D Visual Scripting Game Engines

  • Bolt (Free) : Bolt brings complete visual scripting to Unity, empowering artists, designers and programmers to create gameplay mechanics and interactive systems without writing a single line of code.
  • Playmaker (Paid) : Unity Visual scripting used in dozens of shipped products including Hearthstone, INSIDE, Hollow Knight, The First Tree, Dreamfall Chapters, Firewatch and more.
  • Unreal Engine : the Blueprints Visual Scripting system in Unreal Engine is a complete gameplay scripting system based on the concept of using a node-based interface to create gameplay elements from within Unreal Editor.
  • Godot (Free): Godot is completely free and open-source under the very permissive MIT license. No strings attached, no royalties, nothing. Your game is yours, down to the last line of engine code.
  • Buildbox (Paid): is a no-code development platform focused on game creation without programming, coding or scripting.
  • Armory 3D: Armory is a game engine with full Blender integration, turning it into a complete game development tool. Armory is free to use for any purposes, including development of proprietary closed-source software and selling copies of your work

2D Visual Scripting Game Engine

  • Construct 3 : is one of the best software to create 2D games without scripting, Construct 3 has a free trail and licenses start at 99$/year for personnel licenses. Great games made with construct 3 : 8Bit Fiesta, Klang, Fox Land,..
  • GDevelop : is a free open source visual scripting game engine. With GDevelop you can make simple projects for fun or create ambitious indie games.
  • GameSlad : Is another 2d drag and drop game engine, it’s not free but if you are a student or an educator you can have a version for free.
  • Game Maker studio 2 : is a complete game editing environment with two programming options.  A visual drag and drop programming system, and their own GM scripting language.


Passionate game developer with +7 years of experience. Fluent in Unity3D & Unreal Engine 4. Worked as main programmer on The Dark Occult game (UE4). Currently helping the #gamedev community by making tools and writing tutorials at GAMEDEVWORKS.

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