The Most Popular Hyper Casual Games Publishers

hyper casual games publishers

The hyper casual games market became more competitive every day, to publish a hit game and reach a large audience it becomes so hard. As an indie game developer, you need a big budget for testing and user acquisition.

Finding a good game publisher, would be the best choice for a indie game developer, you can concentrate on developing your game and improving it, and let your publish partner do the rest of work.

This is a list of the most famous hyper casual game publishers:


Voodoo ios publisher store

Voodoo is a French video game developer and publisher based in Paris. The company was founded in 2013 by Alexandre Yazdi and Laurent Ritter, and focuses on free-to-play “hyper-casual games” for Android and iOS.


Ketchapp ios store

Ketchapp is a French video game publisher based in Paris, specialized in making and publishing hyper casual mobile games. Founded in 2014 by brothers Antoine and Michel Morcos. Ketchapp was acquired by Ubisoft in September 2016

Lion Studio

Lion Games ios store

Lion Studio Lion Studios is a mobile games publishing studio based in San Francisco, California. They are strong in puzzle and idle games.

Green Panda Games

GreenPandaGames ios store

Green Panda founded in 2013 as a studio developing classic games such as Solitaire, Blackjack, Logo Quiz and Sudoku. Green Panda Games has now transformed into a leading mobile games publisher specialized in hyper-casual games, particularly in the Idle game genre.


Kwalee ios store

Kwalee is an independent UK video game developer and publisher. The company was founded in May 2011 by David Darling CBE. Kwalee makes and publishes hyper casual games, based in Leamington Spa in the County of Warwickshire.

Say Games

SayGames ios store

Saygames is a Belarusian mobile game publisher that develops and publishes hyper casual games. The company was founded in 2017, and based in Minsk, Belarus.

Homa Games

Homa Gmes ios store

Homa Games is a French company Based in Paris, specialized in publishing, user acquisition and monetization of mobile games, specially hyper casual games, the company was founded in 2018.

Good Job Games

Good Job Games ios store

Good Job Games Good Job Games is one of the fastest growing mobile gaming companies, specialized in hyper casual mobile game publishing based in Istanbul, Turkey, founded in 2017.


TastyPill ios store

Tastypill is a company focused on creating and publishing hyper casual games. Founded in 2015 and based in Greater Atlanta, Georgia.

Huuuge Games

Huuuge Games ios store

Huuuge Games is an international games developer and publisher, focused on social mobile games. Founded in 2014, based in Szczecin, Poland.


Amanotes ios store

Amanotes is fast-growing startup in the music-tech industry from Vietnam, focused on music casual games, founded in 2014

ZPlay Games

ZPlay ios store

ZPlay Games is a China rooted technology company that offers mobile game publishing and monetization. Founded in 2010, based in Beijing,China.


MadBox ios store

MadBox is a new mobile gaming publisher based in Paris. Founded in 2018.

This is gonna be the last publisher contact in our list for today, hope this list help you to find the good publisher for your coming games. If you know other publishers not mentioned in the list, leave them in a comment.

Feel free to share with us your opinion and experience working with publishers.


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