Key elements for a successful Hyper Casual Games

key elements of hyper casual games

Hi devs, here is another important post about hyper casual games. In this article we will talk about the most important elements that you have to keep in mind, while developing a hyper casual game. We will focus on the key elements that make this type of games popular, and attracts such a large audience.

let’s start with a quick definition of hyper casual game.

What is a Hyper Casual Game ?

Hyper casual games are know for their minimalist design, and simple gameplay mechanics, you can easily start playing the game, no need to tutorials or instructions. It’s so important in casual game to have short levels, and keep pleasure and satisfaction feelings while playing the game.

The hyper casual gamers don’t care about the game story, they just want to kill time while waiting in the bus station, waiting to see doctor, or even in the toilet . They are not interested in spending hours to understand the game rules or focusing intensively while playing.

Key elements of hyper casual game

Broad audience

As we said before, the casual gamers play just to pass time, there are no specific audience for your game, anybody can install and play the game. So you have to choose general or abstract themes, that can be played by all cultural and ages. You can be inspired from sports, hobbies, daily routine, craft jobs, or just go for something abstract, with geometric patterns, simple shapes with smooth movement, to give that satisfaction feeling to the player. And the basic rule is to keep the game simple and clear.


The simplicity of hyper casual games is what make them so addictive. A simple game it means easy to play with simple gameplay mechanics, and simple designs, but should not be so boring or repetitive. Hyper casual gamers make minimal efforts for playing, so keep everything simple, short and clear (control, Missions, levels,….). Try to increase the difficulty of the game progressively, without the player notice it, and keep this balance during the game.

Straight into the game

Hyper casual game players have no time for gameplay instructions, game story, they want to start play from the first seconds. so don’t loose your players attention, take them straight into the game. Just start with something simple, and the player will learn while playing.

Short levels

Short levels is an important element in hyper casual game. Short gameplay loops give the player a feeling of progress. Also it make easy for the player to pick up his phone any time and start a round, so keep your game levels short as you can. More short levels, more opportunities that the player check the game in his free time.

Minimalistic UI

A minimalistic user interface make the game more easy to understand, and more simple, keep only the essential control button that the player will need, anything extra just remove it. And focus more on the game.

Choosing a good color palette

The choice of color is so important in hyper casual game, a good color scheme can make your game looks better and unique. There is many color generator tools that can help you to find the perfect color for your hyper casual game.

Hope this post is useful folks, leave us a comment if you have any questions.


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