How to find the perfect color palette for your casual game


Choosing a good color palette for a game is an important factor for its success, specially for a hyper casual game, a good color scheme can make your game looks better and unique.

But it’s not always easy to find the perfect combination of colors, so to make this task easier and faster, we will share with you some of the best color palette generator to help you with your coming game project.

Adobe color wheel

Adobe color wheel is an official Adobe tool, that can help you to choose harmonious color combinations for you game project, you can easy use this tool by playing around with the color wheel, or extract colors from an image, that you upload from your computer or phone, and let Adobe color generate the color palette for you, then you can use your Creative Cloud ID to save color theme, and use it in Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), you can also share your palettes in the library and find ready color palettes created by others.

You will find this tool so helpful if you want to pick colors from a game, that you think has nice colors, only thing you need to do is to upload a screenshot of the game, and select the color mood, to generate many color palettes from the same image.

Bright mood

Deep mood

Dark mood


Coolors is another easy tool to create beautiful color schemes, just press the spacebar to generate random color palettes, if you like a color, click on the lock icon to keep it. So only the best matching colors are picked. You keep pressing the spacebar, and locking the colors appropriate for you scheme color, until you find the perfect color combination you’re looking for.

If you Have a photo with beautiful nuances, you can upload it and extract an awesome color palette automatically. Also you can easily adjust your color palette.

Coolors gives you the ability to export and save the generated color palette as PDF, PNG, SVG, SCSS or COPIC, or just copy the URL and share it . There is a Coolors app for Android or iOs smartphones, and it also has an Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator plugin.


Palettable is a simple color palette generator to create nice color combination, you have two options, if you press like, the tool save the color, and gives another one that match with it, if you choose dislike, new color appear until you find the perfect one, also you can export the generated color palette as PNG, or share the URL.


Colormind like the two last color palette generators, you lock the color you like in the palette, and press generate to search other colors, every time you find a perfect color for you palette, you lock it, until you have the five best colors combination you want. or you can upload image, and extract colors from it.

I hope these color schemes generators will help you in your games. If you have any questions leave us a comment, and tell us how you personally generate harmonious colors palettes.


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