How To Find Ideas For Your Next Hyper Casual Game

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Are you looking for ideas for your next hyper casual game, but you find yourself unable to come up with anything, your mind get stuck, you can’t find any new ideas, and you ask yourself how other people come up with these brilliant ideas? don’t worry you’re not alone in this we are all passed thought the same experience.

To come up with creative game ideas is not a gift or a talent that you born with, and to learn how to be creative you have to extend your accumulated knowledge about hyper casual games.

Make your entertainment a source of inspiration by playing games, reading articles and books about hyper casual games, in social media follow pages and join groups who share news and topics about hyper casual games and always stay updated. By the time you will find out that your knowledge about hyper casual game is growing, and that’s what I meant by the accumulated knowledge, this luggage of knowledge is what will help you to release your creativity.

In this article I am gonna share with you some methods and resources to help you find new ideas for your next game or prototype.

So lets start.

Play a lot of games

As a mobile game developer, of course you have already played a lot of mobile games and specifically hyper casual games, and this is a good way to have inspiration. But the most important thing is how you play games ? we are not talking here about playing for fun or just to kill time, and that’s what hyper casual games are made for, if you don’t know exactly why you’re playing the game, then you will be just an ordinary player not a developer.

So while you’re playing you have to keep in mind that you’re playing to collect informations and increase your knowledge about games, play all kinds of games and not just a specific publishers’s games, or category of games you prefer to play more, give a try to everything.

Play with purpose

To extract more informations and benefits from the game you have to play with purpose. while you’re playing pay attention to every details in the game: the gameplay, mechanics, control, characters movements, colors schemes,… your goal is to know what make a game fun and successful.

Model and Improve

Model and improve technique is a very simple principle used in many other domains, the idea of this technique is that you pick a successful game idea used before and try to improve it by figuring out what you can add or remove to the game concept to make it better and unique.

Most of the successful hyper casual games usually use a proved game mechanics, they base their gameplay on a familiar mechanic to the player, then put it in new concept to create a new game, this method is the best way to create and make new games that the player already familiar with but still unique and fun.

Also you can merge two games ideas to make a totally new game concept with high success potential, this technique proved to be successful to come up with new idea and game concepts if you master it of course.

Where to look for inspiration

Satisfying is one of the key elements for a successful hyper casual game, already many games use satisfying and addictive subjects, so look around for something will give the player that satisfying feeling, and make him want to see more of it, there is many resources where you can find videos of satisfying and addictive things for inspiration, here is some ideas and resources to use:

1. Oddly satisfying videos

  • Youtube : you can just type “oddly satisfying” in the youtube search bar, and thousand of videos appear, or just click on one of the links blew : Channel 1 : Oddly satisfying
oddly satisfying 1

Channel 2 : VGK

Oddly satisfying 2

2. Daily routine

An other source to use for inspiration, lately we are used to see new trend of hyper casual games use some daily routine like cleaning a dirty bathrooms, washing dishes, cleaning sofa and carpet, washing cars,…. this simple tasks of cleaning that we do daily give a nice feeling of satisfaction, therefore just look deeply in you daily routine tasks and release your imagination to create new game ideas.

3.Social media

For an hyper casual game developer social media is the best tool to keep updated about newest and latest trends, here is the most popular social media platforms and sites that share the newest hyper casual games in the store:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Fnd
  • App sliced
  • App annie
  • Storeglide

If you want links of channels and pages to follow for new trends, stay tuned for the next article we will talk about the best websites that share new hyper casual games.


Passionate game developer with +7 years of experience. Fluent in Unity3D & Unreal Engine 4. Worked as main programmer on The Dark Occult game (UE4). Currently helping the #gamedev community by making tools and writing tutorials at GAMEDEVWORKS.

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