DrawDebugTools: New Update!


Hi Unity developers! a new update of DDT is here.

It’s been almost a year since I did an update, my day job consumes a lot of my time and energy, but I recently started to practice some time management techniques XD (not the ones in the books) and I was able to do more in the time range I’m allocating for work, it works like magic, I may write about it sometime!

For new commers, Draw Debug Tools is a Unity package featuring many functions and tools that enable you to draw debug shapes, visualize gameplay, and gain a better understanding of what your code is doing.

Here is the link to asset store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/slug/163706
Documentation: Draw Debug Tools Documentation

What’s new!

In this version (2.3.2) we added the following minor changes and fixes:

  • Redesigned float graph: it displays the history of a float variable in a better and intuitive way.
  • Improved the way we draw bounds.
  • Fixed a memory leak when drawing meshes.
  • Added an overloaded Log function that accept just a string with white as a default color, no need to specify a color if you are good with white.
  • Fix: Log text was consuming mouse/touch Racyast event.


I am planning to release updates and fixes more frequently from now on.

I have some cool ideas on features I should add, I will share them in my next blog posts. The cool thing is that I use Draw Debug Tools daily in games I make, so I have a clear vision on what will be useful to the Unity developers that use or will use this tool.

Take care!


Passionate game developer with +10 years of experience. Fluent in Unity3D & Unreal Engine 5. Worked as main programmer on The Dark Occult game (UE4), developed +40 games (vertical slices) and created few tools and assets for both engines. Currently helping the #gamedev community by making tools and writing tutorials at GAMEDEVWORKS.

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