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Casual Game Lighting for Unreal Engine 4

Casual Game Lighting is a material function with a collection of lighting features, made for developers and artists who want to make casual (or hyper casual) mobile games.

Draw debug tool documentation
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Draw Debug Tools Documentation

Draw Debug Tools, help you visualize your game play, by providing many functions to draw shapes and tools to make development fast and enjoyable experience.

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Unity AI | How to use DrawDebugTools to visualize NavmeshAgent path

In this unity3d video tutorial you will learn how to visualize NavmeshAgent path in unity AI navigation…

cover of ue4 fake hole tutorial article
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UE4 | How to create a fake hole in the ground that you can move it in runtime

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a fake hole in the ground, a hole that actually doesn’t exit physically in the mesh but it function as a hole !

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Maya | How to fix blend shape issues in Maya when detach/combine geometry

When you detach and combine geometry you change the order of vertices, and the blend shape deformation relay on that order to work.

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Make Games Without Coding Using These Engines

You wanna make games but you don’ know how to code? it’s not necessary to be a…

stay updated
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Top Sites To Stay Updated About The Newest Hyper Casual Games

You’re looking for resources for inspiration for you mobile game? and you have trouble with that ?…

idea for hyper casual games
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How To Find Ideas For Your Next Hyper Casual Game

Are you looking for ideas for your next hyper casual game, but you find yourself unable to…

game art
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Top 8 Sites To Download Free 3D Game Art and Asset

Are you an indie developer working on game project with limited budget? and you need some free…

hyper casual games testing process
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Hyper Casual Games Testing process

You have a game idea, but you don’t know if it will success or not? Will the…